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Best Performers-X 2018

  • Ranveer Singh Rawat 85.5% Hindi - 65 Computer - 97

Best Performers-XII 2018

  • Subhash Ale Science 86.2 % Maths - 95

School Campus

First foremost thing for a school its infrastructure for an education system to run properly. We take care this.

  • School Building

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Good teachers can be described in many ways. They can have strong credentials, teach top students, are creative, or are well-liked by students, parents, and their colleagues. All of these qualities have their merits. But most policymakers and school leaders would describe a “good” teacher as an effective one someone who gets students to learn what they are expected to learn or more. If school administrators had tools for identifying who is most likely to succeed at this.



For most students, the school experience is not limited to their time in the classroom. Much of what a school has to offer can be found on its campus-from great libraries to standout career services to simply, beautiful surroundings.


SSBIPS-Sri Sai Baba International School one of the best boarding School for boys in India endeavors to build a truly personalized learning environment for all its student. Listed as one of the best school in Dehradun. It indulges in the all round development of a student’s capabilities. Understanding and applying true value to the fundamentals of education. It has achieved a reputation as one of the Best boy’s Boarding Schools in Dehradun.