Fee Structure for Academic Year 2019-20

(Resident Indian Students)

Denominated in Indian Rupees

One Time Deposit- (Payable within 15 days of advising confirmation of admission).

Registration                                -   I.N.R. 2000

Security (Refundable)                -    I.N.R. 20,000

Pocket Money                            -    I.N.R. 20,000

Composite Annual Fees per class (School Term April 2019 to March 2020)

Category                   1st Installment                           2nd Installment          3rd Installment            Total

                      (At the time of Admission)

Class 1 to 8                 70,000                                      90,000                         90,000                   2,50,000

Class 9 & 10                75,000                                    100,000                       100,000                   2,75,000

Class 11 & 12             100,000                                    100,000                       100,000                  300,000

Notes: -

No fees is refundable in any case.

  • The Security is interest free and refundable when the child leaves the school or is withdrawn from the school, after adjusting the dues, if any. (Only at the end of the Academic Session)
  • Pocket Money - Charges at actual towards child's specialized individual projects/ visual/arts/science, insurance, annual camps, books & stationary (additional) and personal expenses, Pocket Money, toiletries, new shoes, special medical charges, sports goods, dry-cleaning, uniform (additional), laundry, hair-cut and postage, Long & Short Educational trips, Picnics etc.

Payments: -

The total fees to be paid by Demand Draft in favor of "Sri Sai Baba International Public School"

Payable at Rishikesh. Late payment will be penalized as per school rules.

The fee Structure of "Sri Sai Baba International Public School" is governed by the rules, policies, terms and conditions as detailed and amended from time to time by school management at its sole discretion.

A child joining or leaving school in the middle of the Academic session has to pay the full year's fees.